Saturday, August 5, 2017

Metaphysical Mind

Be as an empty vessel each day. 

Until we recognize how many beliefs we harbor in our mind, we cannot RECEIVE anything new.  Quantum Energy is stunted. Dreams will not easily manifest.  The Law of Attraction will not properly work until we CHOOSE something new.


  1. How do you accept things not exactly in the belief system your parents brought you up in and feel okay?

    1. Hi,

      That's an excellent question. ACIM teaches that a belief is carving out a portion of the WHOLE and making it the "only" reality, ignoring and even rejecting everything else.

      There is only one TRUTH--The Way of LOVE. There is only one way to reach it--through Spirit.

      Human minds are at war with LOVE, or TRUTH. No human mind can reach Truth without calling upon Spirit.

      These teachings are simple. They embrace every belief system. soon as we judge another's belief in any way and for any reason, we haven fallen from LOVE.

      The Master Jesus summed it up with two sentences: Love your Gd with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. ACIM: Love is all there is.

      Truth needs no defense, so all you need to do is BE the Love, not argue for it with anyone. That is how you allow for others to broaden their beliefs without feeling threatened. XO

    2. As they say easier said than done. Old teachings are hammered in but thanks for answering with a thoughtful way of looking at it. BG

    3. Hi,

      If you believe old teachings are hammered in, then they are hammered in, and not always in their correct form. Begin with that belief alone. Recognize everything can be changed, but it begins and ends in the mind.

      Our judgments of other people and different belief systems are from our thoughts formed at an early age and instilled by others. Consciousness throughout the ages has been slow in coming, so the beliefs are often limited.

      We have the power to change that simply by knowing we do not understand what anything is for. At that point, we have opened a doorway in the mind to explore and to receive -- not only new thoughts, but abundance as well. A change in mind prompts the Quantum Field into activity on our behalf.

      There is only one Source--The Source of All. Therefore, its infinite variables are all possible with an open mind.

      I'll share my own experience. I was raised Christian. After decades of exploration into many other belief systems, I am still Christian, but one who refrains from judging as best I can, one who tries to shed Light and Love into that which I do not understand. I discovered the Oneness in everyone's spirituality. XO