Wednesday, May 30, 2012


No doubt you are curious about the web...

You see, the school lures them in. The ghost's unsuspecting players in his supernatural plan are ensnared and they don't know what hit them. Wait until Jason, my drop-dead handsome contractor, meets the young women in my school!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fear of Success?

Uncertainty came up many times for me because I had little money to spare when I first moved into the Victorian and was overwhelmed with repairs.  But I was given the gift of secret, passed-down knowledge, so I knew an opportunity when I saw one.

Have I mentioned the mysterious, old leather notebook left behind by the estate?

I had to let go of the grinding fear I held in the pit of my stomach to set things in motion. Eventually, my meager bank account turned into a large fortune and I became an astute businesswoman.

Like me, everyone is standing on their own gold.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Going Through Walls

For the first thirteen years after I moved into that dreary, old Victorian, I was lonely and fretful. As hard as I tried, I could not make enough money to both support my children and restore my mansion to its original splendor.  The roof leaked, the sweeping porch was rotting. 

Each night after the girls were tucked into their beds, I would find a cozy nook to play my accordion.  Even my musical accomplishments hadn't improved.  With ease, I could breeze through the first few pages of a piece, but the minute there was a more difficult passage, I froze.  I had never really practiced going though those bars of notes that required more effort. Like always before, I gave up or went back to the beginning to play what I already knew quite well, creating a wider gap between both sections.

Then one night, my ghost appeared to me by coming through the wall.  I told him I wished I could do that, not through the walls of my house, but the walls in my mind that discouraged me from being successful.  He was tender and loving and when he was ready to leave me, he wrote one word on the very wall where he had appeared.  Persistence. 

The rest is history you can find in the book, once the manuscript is published.   

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do The Homework

"Daphne had Dr. Wake’s library with books of great wisdom from across the ages that she studied night after night.  Daphne would sit on a soft cushion covering the curved bench and wait for him to arrive." Daphne's Web: A Haunting Legacy 

Are you surprised the Law of Attraction (LOA) has steps to it?  If you don't do your homework, it might really slow things down, so this step is a must! You'll need to learn all about the very thing that you want.  I was lucky when I opened SCHOOL FOR DREAMS.  The ghost was my mentor, but I still had to do the studying and be creative or my classes would fizzle. I have to say, some of my students were not always thrilled with the teaching methods.  I should also add that the ghost wasn't exactly a shrinking violet when it came to making his will known to the students, either.

When you are doing what is necessary for the LOA, it is almost as if the Universe opens up for you.  It is the feeling you get when driving down a road and the lights turn green as you reach each intersection -- just in time to keep on going -- never having to take your foot off the gas pedal.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Think Cheese!

One of my students in School For Dreams had an interesting view of the LOA:

"We’re kind of like mice in a maze, looking for cheese,” Amelia thought out loud, sorting through the whole thing... To get to the prize, we obviously have to think cheese with every turn we make."  Daphne's Web: A Haunting Legacy

It may seem overly simplified until you realize that thinking cheese sets up an intention, which you would entertain many times a day.  What you think about, you energize.  Every decision or choice you make will influence what you do -- which will take you closer to or further from the cheese.  Become aware of the thousands of thoughts you have a day and just imagine how far from the lovely cheese negative thinking brings you, and what could come your way, instead.  Shifting your perspective takes practice.

As an example of changing your thinking -- can you turn "I'm never going to..." into "I will find a way to...?"  

Now you're one step closer...

Please Take a Seat at My Table

"The table was piled high with Daphne’s books on one end and note pads, pens, goblets, lace glass pitchers of water further crowding the remaining surface along with a dish of specialty, homemade chocolates.  Daphne was nowhere in sight, giving them time to make room on the table for their own things.  But no one was ever to touch the little placard, Doctor Is In, which always sat in the middle of it all."  Daphne's Web: A Haunting Legacy                        

Fake It Until You Make It to properly begin using the Law of Attraction...

Are you really ready to change the way you think?  Are you at least ready to create a new thought system in your head and use it until you begin to see that the internal change affects your external world?  (Fake it until you make it)

You will enjoy Chapter 3, Dare To Dream,  when I showed up for class wearing garbage bags and one student left in a huff.

Mother's Day

In 1956, I had a terrible accident.  I nearly drowned in front of the family summer cottage.  From then on, my husband and I lived apart.   He resided in our original home while I moved into my haunted Victorian with our two children.

Is it wrong for me to hope he might pick up the phone on Mother's Day to wish me a happy day?  These are the moments that test me the most.  I teach my students to make peace with their circumstances, yet I have trouble doing it for myself.

But without fail, my ghost appears to me and shows me a greater purpose to my life.  I begin to feel more comfortable with those difficult things that are out of my control.   At times, they even shine as valuable lessons I must learn. 

However, I do wish he had called. 

Music for the soul...Gabriel's Oboe

Friday, May 11, 2012

Meaning Behind the Light In the Turret

The light in the turret is symbolic of the Victorian's ghost.  This is one of the ways I know he's in the house.  But what he has in store for me is always a surprise.   

The turret is part of the actual location from which this story was inspired.

The Book

The book is only a completed manuscript at this time.  By putting it in the aethers as well as using all the requisite steps into the publishing world, the LOA has already been engaged. This is working towards a perfect match for its publication.

If you are clueless relative to the LOA, the blog will be an ongoing process to share how it unfolds.   Becoming aware that it exists is the first step.  You have already begun.  Stay tuned...

If you have a good idea of how it works in your life, you will enjoy following the kooky, spooky, or heartrending moments my co-characters experience as they make the challenging decisions to pursue their dreams.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


"Trying to capture Daphne was like running after dandelion fluff in the wind --
one could never quite hold the entire cluster once it became a hundred different pieces."
Daphne's Web:  A Haunting Legacy

You are probably wondering where my character came from and that, in itself, is an interesting story.  But I will be brief.  I am the creation of two people after meeting in a Law of Attraction (LOA) class in the writer's well-documented haunted house.  I am modeled after the person who taught the class, but I'm way more zany -- or possibly not way more.

The first step to manifesting what you want is to have a clear vision or dream, and it is not always easy to proceed from there... That is why the SCHOOL FOR DREAMS was started for the book and as an online classroom. What follows in this blog will be my musings, responses to posts and occasional excerpts from the story.  You will have a peek into the teachings of a school which exists both in fiction and the real world of the author.

“Frankly, you’re not going to get a ticket to your dreams here but will get the guidance necessary to make dreams come true. It’s all up to you."  Daphne's Web: A Haunting Legacy

Do you have a clear vision of that which is your heart's desire?