Friday, September 1, 2017

Raising Vibrations

 Roses and angels share a similar electrical frequency.
Have you ever smelled the scent of roses when none were present? Did you think of someone in Spirit when it happened?  Like many things in Nature, roses can be loving messages from the Other Side.


  1. i have smelled roses that were not there. had no idea what it was or who. interesting.

    1. Hi,

      Trust that Spirit is always around you, but when there is a message, it finds a way to alert you.

      Oftentimes, it is acknowledgment you are on the right track. Open your heart to gratitude, and these message will increase. XO

    2. I don't understand how we can smell something that isn't there. Does this happen a lot? Nobody I know ever talked about this. Confused here ???

    3. Hi,

      Psychic abilities come in different forms. This is an ability various people have experienced.

      A more common scent is cigar or pipe smoke. Have you ever smelled this out of nowhere? It is the same psychic intuition.

      What are your gifts? We are all hardwired for some way to connect to the Invisible realm. XO

    4. Can we draw angels to us so we can see them? OMG how awesome if we could. ><

    5. Hi,

      The vibration of our dominant thoughts will draw similar energies to us.

      I am certain you have seen angels already, but they came in the form of a stranger -- one who either appeared in a dire time of need to help you, or one who was in dire need who YOU helped.

      They appear like that, but for only a moment. It is why Jesus said that whatsoever we do unto the least of our brothers, we also do unto Him.

      As for the stereotype angel with huge wings, I think it would freak you out. XO