Friday, November 8, 2019


 Just walking onto the rickety porch and through the massive double front doors was creepy enough. One’s eyes would instantly be drawn up the sweeping, spiral staircase off the vestibule, and see door after door leading to bedchambers and baths.   Norman was glad his clients never asked to go upstairs. 

He purposely removed the basement light bulb because something down there felt as though it had been lying in wait for decades.  Whatever it was, he didn’t want it disturbed—not on his watch.  The house frightened away everyone, except for the undaunted new owner.   

I wrote this scene into the storyline for a reason. Can you guess why?                 

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Monday, October 21, 2019

Universal Reading for 10/21/19

Using Tarot, Oracle Cards, Turret Cards, and Charm Casting, a clear reading for today has emerged.

Many of us believe the world has lost its enchantment. This is not so. The world appears to us in the same way we see ourselves. In other words, we are in control of the image the world gives forth.

The "charm of illusion" has landed apart from the rest. This indicates today is a good day to see ourselves as we truly are and to set healthy desires. WATCH for subtle concerns about money.

We can set a clear intention of innocence, holiness, enchantment and begin to expect victory over circumstances.

It all starts with us. Look into the mirror and find the soul.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A Love Reading for 9/24/19

Hidden within every mind are secrets that can free us from misery. But until we gain control over our negative emotions, they will not be revealed to us. Unfortunately, switching sadness to joy is not easy. Forcing joy just doesn't work.

Be patient with Gd's promise. Peace is waiting for us when the time us right--when we finish exploring darkness--when a particular revelation comes to us--when we recognize our beauty.

Fear Not--the most profound instruction for our human experience.

Blessings for a wonderful day🌸

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Monday, August 26, 2019

A MESSAGE for the week of 8/26/19

A Universal Reading for All-- Some More than Others

This random card combination tells the true story of the Law of Attraction.  The reading would be completely Blessed if only that one card of defeat did not appear among the others. 

The Law operates by way of THOUGHT. Thoughts set our intentions in motion in the cosmic field. 
Water is symbolic of emotions.  We must sprinkle our thoughts with feelings -- passion, desire. 

Although we are amazed when we MANIFEST, the actual working of the Divine remains a sacred secret. 

What ruins the process?  Thoughts of defeat. 
We look at evidence in our life and in the world that counters our intentions.  Our best thoughts shift to those of defeat. 

The answer is simple: Cover all thoughts of defeat with righteous words and deeds. Make goodness a priority. Avoid hating. Stop judging.  

It is Mystical, even Magical, but the true energy to this Reading is to act in all ways as a Being of Light in order for our intentions to manifest. 

Blessed Be for a powerful week ahead⚡️

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Friday, August 23, 2019


Most things are not as they appear...

Worldly Things: Take politics, for can we be certain propaganda is not brainwashing us to hate? It is directed by ego for self-serving purposes.

Spiritual Things: Blind Faith is reserved for the Divine, and not even...the Divine wants us to question and search. That's a distinct difference from the ego!

Nothing is as it appears until we open our minds to every possibility.

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Monday, August 19, 2019

A Message for the Week of 8/19/19

A Universal Reading, but some may relate more than others.

Human Nature is to deny we have chosen a wrong path to follow. But what  can be wrong when all roads lead to Rome, as the expression goes?

When our well-being suffers, we know the path is not the best one.

In these cards, we are tempted to embrace the power of money. Money surely has power: Power to tear families/ governments apart, Power to help others in times of need.

With these cards, I'm getting the message that money, and the love of money, are not operating for us at a high vibration.

Can we break free from our choice to serve money for our own gain? If so, love begins to enter. Peace is guaranteed.

This is the Miracle of Awakening⚡️

Blessed Be

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Creating Drama

Some people seem addicted to drama--maybe it's all they know from childhood. Mostly, they do not realize they are the cause.

In Daphne's Web, two young women, rivals for the same man, each had her dramatic side. Their dreams were elusive until they became aware of their thinking and personally reigned in the chaos they created. 

Can you relate to this?

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