Monday, July 15, 2019

A Power Reading for the Week of July 15, 2019

I started my day confronting a dog owner. He was using the park to train his rescued German Shepherd. The dog was off leash and charged at me while I was walking my 2 senior dogs. I screamed, grabbed my pups, and made it to my car before the Shepherd attacked or greeted us.

I drove up to the man, angry that my morning peace was disturbed. He mocked my fear with abusive language. The b__ch in me reared its ugly head.

I came home to do the weekly reading. The cards surprised me--they appeard to be powerful and wise. I was not feeling it. I chose to pull a card from Chopra's Kabala Oracle Cards. Then I knew the meaning.

Here's one reading for all, mostly for me:

We all want life to be Enchanting, but anything can disturb that sense of peace and joy. Anything can rob our sensibilities and effective communication skills. How do we get back on track? How do we stay on track?  There is only One Way!

Our wounds cut deep into the subconscious mind where all POWER lies. Personal outbursts, such as mine this morning, are mirrors of past hurts not yet healed.

The Hebrew Letter Kuf represents compassion for others--Nature and animals included. By practicing compassion, we can remove the blocks to LOVE at the subconscious level. That is our task for the week-- to practice kindness, no matter what.

Blessed Be as we take a Healing Journey together❤️

Daphne's Web Turret Cards --Wisdom from Across the Ages
Deepak Chopra Kabala Oracle Cards

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Open Conversation

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about Daphne's Web. Here is the place to understand the many hidden messages embedded into the story. 

For example, you might be curious as to how such a twisted plot came about. I'm eager to share.
L L Cartin

PS. Your identity remains unknown to all, including myself.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Has BEE buzzed into your day and caught your fancy?  It might have a symbolic meaning -- pollinating a plan or a new venture with others, looking for a sweet opportunity?

Pay attention to bees — although tiny,  what they do is of great importance to Nature and all of us.

Monday, July 8, 2019

A Power Reading

A Universal Reading for the week of July 8, 2019
One message fits all, some better than others

Much is still being hidden from us. It is either our personal stubbornness in refusing to accept Truth or deception caused by another.

Step aside from negative thoughts and anger. Tune into Truth rather than propaganda to allow for a secret reveal to come forth by way of Divine Timing. When it occurs, our Spiritual Alignment will empower us beyond our wildest expectations.

It is promised💐

Daphne's Web Turret Cards: Wisdom from Across the Ages
Thoth Deck

Thursday, July 4, 2019

A July 4th Blessing

July 4, 2019

Much will be given to those who serve others.

Heightened intuition and wisdom will come from the Invisible at times when needed the most.

A feeling of understanding is beginnng to clear the air. Those defending peace will gain great clairty in the near future. Prayers are being answered for the frightened, wounded, grieving servants of peace.💐

Daphne's Web Turret Cards: Wisdom from Across the Ages
Thoth deck

Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Get this—Betel bought the place and then wrote her a check for fifty grand to renovate it on her own, and she ripped it up on the spot.”                                               

 “The lady probably has money of her own.”

“I don’t think so.  Actually, Betel asked me to keep an eye on her.  He said she almost drowned recently and now he thinks she’s going nuts.”
“And in that house, going nuts will happen sooner rather than later,” Doug snickered.
“Who cares? I got what I wanted and Betel gave her what she wanted just to keep the peace.  That’s why the deal was so quick.”

“I’m sure you’ll be paying her a few visits, like the last gal you sold a house to.” Doug knew how well his brother liked acting the hero to beautiful damsels in distress.

Over my dead body, Norman mumbled as he stood up to leave the office.  He smoothed back his hair, rolled down his shirtsleeves, and reached for his sports jacket, flinging it across one shoulder. 

Norman was mulling over Mrs. Betel’s response when he had questioned how she could afford to repair the house on her own. To reject fifty thousand dollars was crazy, but not half as crazy as her glib pronouncement, the house will take care of everything.

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Monday, July 1, 2019

A Power Reading

Universal Reading for the week of July 1, 2019
One Message fits all, some better than others

A situation is nearing closure.  However, change can be frightening, EXCEPT when we rely upon our Guides, Angels, Spirit Beings to bring us across the threshold. By doing so, that which we desired for so long, will finally appear in our life. Step aside and manifest with ease.  

Expect Victory over the ego's destructive aspects such as self-serving tendencies and pride. This could be our own shortcomings or another person causing needless havoc on our peace. Have faith. 

Blessed Be💐

Daphne's Web Turret Cards: Wisdom from Across the Ages
Single Tarot from the Thoth Deck