Thursday, December 16, 2021

Dear Daphne

I am a metaphysical teacher and counselor who works from my Victorian home.  I operate SCHOOL FOR DREAMS in the book, Daphne's Web. I am quite willing and able to assist you in finding your own path to understanding just how powerful you are.  Please use this blog as a forum for dialogue by asking your questions or stating your thoughts in the comment area.

This will be an ongoing new feature of the blog and together, we will design a way to make it effective.  A question someone asks may end up having an answer we all need to hear.

Your feedback is always appreciated.

Love, Daphne Betel
Teacher, dancer and chocolate maker extraordinaire

Monday, December 13, 2021


The holidays can bring joy as well as sadness. Are there miracles in those devastating tornados last week that bring a bit of light to the darkness? Always search for the LIGHT behind our circumstances.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020


There is one question being asked by nearly everyone on the planet: What's it all about?
There is only one answer: It's all about you!

Each of us is being called to go within and find TRUTH. 
Is there a need to waste money and supplies anymore? No, we are and have everything already. 
Is there a need to compete and get ahead of others? No, we are magnificently made by our Creator. 
Is there a need to hurt and exploit any other living thing? NO, NEVER, AWAKEN!

You might ask about your suffering at this time. 
I ask whether you ever suffered before this time?
I suggest to you that all our worldly suffering is a trigger for us to recognize miracles and connect to that which is INVISIBLE.
The Invisible is YOU! 

We are our own heros and heroines, all powerful, capable of redesigning ourselves and our circumstances.  
Blessed Be

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Are You Striving To Be An Author? Do Not Hesitate To Ask Me Questions.

On this blog, I have shared my writing journey from concept through the writing, editing, publishing, and  marketing steps. It has taken years to reach its current stage, and it may take many more years to make its mark on society. 

I am happy to give advice from my experiences and encouragement to never give up. 

DAPHNE'S WEB book trailer

Sunday, January 19, 2020


A portion of the baby-blue sky on the horizon turned a deep indigo. The water surrounding the dock roiled, lapping against wooden pilings and splashing over the pier.

A rip in the Universe formed and a muted gray schooner sailed across, creating a sense of dread for the onlookers, even Amelia. It came forward rapidly—skimming the inky water’s surface and traveling through all the pleasure craft, fishing boats, and water skiers who had no awareness of its presence. The guests stood, horrified by the unfolding scene, as the sailboat headed straight toward the house.

So much Symbolism in this passage. Let's start with the element of water.  Any thoughts???

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020 Mirror Prophecy

By now, students of the Law of Attraction understand our personal circumstances stem from our Inner Self. That knowing does not stop the external world from interacting with us. does give  us "20/20" Vision into deeper meanings behind those circumstances.  

The energy field in this Reading indicates that 2020 will present many opportunities for us to master the physical world and our bodies in more spiritual ways. We will be spoon-fed Wisdom--a little at a time, learning to accept that the world is merely a mirror of both our beauty and our wounds.  

The good news is that there is only good news. However long we need to embrace that truth is totally up to us. ❤️

Happy New Year. 

Friday, November 8, 2019


 Just walking onto the rickety porch and through the massive double front doors was creepy enough. One’s eyes would instantly be drawn up the sweeping, spiral staircase off the vestibule, and see door after door leading to bedchambers and baths.   Norman was glad his clients never asked to go upstairs. 

He purposely removed the basement light bulb because something down there felt as though it had been lying in wait for decades.  Whatever it was, he didn’t want it disturbed—not on his watch.  The house frightened away everyone, except for the undaunted new owner.   

I wrote this scene into the storyline for a reason. Can you guess why?                 

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